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  • Whole Brain Music

    balinese-balance.jpgBalinese Balance - Music for Whole Brain Thinking

    Whole Brain Thinking MP3

    Balinese Balance is an uplifting 5 minute piece of music specifically designed to balance both left and right hemispheres of the brain. Using complex traditional rhythms and flowing oriental melodies performed on bowed instruments and bamboo flutes. This music is carefully panned to provide a fully spatial and stimulating experience.
    "I can listen to your music all day. Love it, it is very relaxing and very creative." Zawaal


    Balinese Balance is designed to provide a positive uptime state suitable for children and adults alike. It can be used to stimulate whole brain thinking after prolonged spells of left brain based work; or to prepare for homework or work projects where a lively and engaged whole-brain thinking state is desired.

    brain_balance_cd_web.jpgBalinese Balance Whole Brain Thinking Audio
    - MP3 download





    Rain Song - Boost the Right Side of Your Brain

    Right Hemisphere Stimulating MP3 

    Rain Song combines gently panning natural rain sounds with traditional world instruments to provide a gentle stimulation of the right hemisphere of the brain.

    The traditional instruments featured in this mp3 include chimes, rain sticks, frame drums, and the soothing sounds of a native American storyteller flute playing in the distance. The flute was recorded as a live improvisation, which makes it particularly appealing to the right hemisphere of the brain.

    "Beautiful. I wish i could permanently import some of your music into my head, and just turn it on whenever the pressure rises!" Janice Kephart  

    Perfect for drifting and daydreaming, this deeply relaxing recording is the perfect antidote to long hours of driving, computer work, or other left brain biased activities.




    Rain Song - Boost the Right Side of Your Brain

    - Right Hemisphere Stimulating MP3 download






    Alpha Brain Music for relaxation & sleep 

    Whole Brain Relaxation Music MP3

    Perfect for drifting and daydreaming, or sinking into a restful sleep, this deeply relaxing alpha state recording is the perfect antidote to stress.



    "Thanks for the Alpha Brain relaxation music. I find it very calming, I listen to it in bed and it always helps me drift off to sleep feeling very calm and relaxed." Sara Cameron

    The gradually slowing tempo leads you gently from an uptime and awake state into one of gentle contemplation and relaxation, where tension lifts from your body and your mind feels inclined to drift and daydream. From this relaxed and peaceful place it is easy to let the music deepen your relaxation further and settle you to sleep...

    Caution: do not use this alpha state meditation recording while driving. For best results please use stereo headphones.




    Alpha Brain Music for relaxation & sleep


    - Whole Brain Relaxation Music MP3 download 

    - Recording Length 15 minutes




    In-Spiral Dreams - Alpha Brain Music for Creativity 

    Whole Brain Stimulating Relaxation & Creativity MP3

    In-Spiral Dreams is an ambient soundscape that swirls and moves through a musical journey designed to relax the mind and encourage whole brain creative thinking.





    In-Spiral Dreams - Alpha Brain Music for Creativity

    - Alpha Brain Music for daydreaming & creativity MP3 download 

    - Recording Length 17 minutes




    On a note of praise and appreciation, your compositions are a great augmentation to my work in neurofeedback.  I am a trauma and addiction therapist in Tucson using BrainPaint with a wide range of clients.  BrainPaint uses computer generated sounds driven by EEG waves as well as moving fractals.  I am now using your Alpha and Balinese compositions sometimes before ,sometimes after a session.  They seem to act as a transitionary state between the intensity of an actual Alpha-theta protocol and 'normal' consciousness.

    I have tried many other meditation/relaxation tunes.  Your's is simply superb.  



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