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The Peaceful Mind

butterfly3.jpgTurning down the chatter means you get to hear yourself think - literally. Not the thinking about laundry, work, and a hundred other daily niggles and prevarications - but the deeper thinking of you, your life and aspirations, the thinking that leads to cultivating and supporting the you you want to be.

Meditation puts you in touch with the voice of your authentic self - your conscience and your counsel. It builds personal confidence, congruence and integrity.

To get started quickly and easily with meditation simply set aside 15 minutes of quiet contemplation time a day. (It’s more beneficial to spend 10 to 15 minutes daily in meditation than an hour long marathon session once or twice a week.)

By regularly immersing yourself in periods of peace, calm and stillness you can reduce stress and anxiety in a very welcome and noticeable way. How? Because meditation trains you to control your breath and controlling your breath calms your mind.

In some cultures children are advised to start breathing deeply as soon as they feel upset or angry, this is because all emotions invoke a pattern of breathing, if you can change the pattern of breathing, you can change the emotion.

After just a few days practice you can find yourself responding to life’s daily trials and tribulations from a calmer and choice driven center. Your brain and intellect will get a chance to engage before your emotions start speaking out and you can begin to feel like you can cope with whatever comes you way.

If you feel too busy to learn meditation techniques or to fit meditation time into your busy schedule you could try getting up 15 just minutes earlier and starting the day with one of our
free Moments of Tranquility MP3 downloads - all you need to do is download, listen and follow along with the exercise of your choice. It’s a great way to start your day with some peaceful “me time”.


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Reader Comments (2)

The problem that we in the "meditation community" - if such it may be called - face, is that we are largely preaching to the converted. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone practiced meditation! But we know that is not going to happen, partly because Western culture frowns upon inner-directed, contemplative activities which are not understood to be "productive" in the conventional sense, but also because a large proportion of the population either has no inclination to try or lacks the necessary dedication to stick with it.

I do feel that meditation techniques are gaining in popularity as our overall level of sophistication improves and we realize that our modern way of life leaves us spiritually impoverished and physically drained. The more we tie meditation to perceptible health benefits such as reduced risk of heart disease or stroke, the wider our audience will be. The average person is not going to start meditating just for the sake of inner discovery (although I think that is more or less how I started many years ago). We have to "sell" meditation with a more "scientific" angle to make it appeal to the Western mind.

Sep 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHigher Plane

Your so right, its unbelievable how much chatter can affect our sense of clamness! There are some office environments that are full of chatter - it is important so have some quiet moments from time to time to adjust yourself, this is a very useful tip to help people relax.

Sep 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHammam Rasul

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