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Restful Awareness Meditation

Meditation is a powerful natural antidote to stress and anxiety. From Oprah's Dr Oz to Time Magazine we are hearing again and again that meditation can dramatically:

- reduce stress and anxiety
- reconnect us with our creative intelligence
- improve concentration
- enhance our relationships
- help us sleep soundly
- protect our health

If you want to discover how to reduce your stress and anxiety and enjoy the life enhancing benefits of meditation there is no quicker and easier way to start than the Restful Awareness mp3 - simply download, listen and follow and you can be meditating in minutes.

Meditation is your body's natural anti-dote to stress,

it is the root of true personal development,

and the key to developing calm confidence in who you are.

This guided awareneness exercise is an ideal introduction for using meditation for stress relief as it talks you through your experience step-by-step. There's nothing for you to read, or learn - all you need to do is sit down and listen as you follow along and sink into a state of pure peaceful restful calm.

Imagine how you'll feel a week from now when you're already feeling the benefits of your own meditation practice!


"a deeply relaxing, hypnotic experience, I didn't want it to end" Pamela, UK

"thank you for this incredibly relaxing meditation class" Julia, CA USA


This meditation experience is 12 minutes long and is available for

instant download in iPod friendly MP3 format for just $3.95

Listen to a preview of Restful Awareness

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