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Download Meditation Music

Inner Calm Audio is proud to announce our new collection of download meditation music. These relaxing musical backgrounds have been created to support you in meditation practice by setting a scene of natural peace and tranquility.

Although designed with yoga and meditation in mind, these soundscapes are also perfect for providing a relaxing atmosphere for reading, or resting too. Anytime you want to step away from stress simply pick a track and settle back in your favourite place and let the music carry you away somewhere calm and beautiful...



Forest Temple - download meditation music soundscape


Among the trees of this ancient forest you find a temple, small and safe, a bare wood floor and a cushion await you within it's stone carved walls. The birds sing, as they have always done here, and the rain drips softly on the leaves outside the door.

You go inside and sit, and close your eyes and breathe, as the sounds of tamboura and sitar soothe you from a distance you begin your meditation... 



Listen to a 2 minute sample:

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Download Meditation Music: length 15:55 minutes | Price $3.50



Quiet Retreat - download meditation music soundscape


High on a hill there is a place where you can be alone and still, yet connected with all that is around you. You can step back from the busyness of life, and sit above it all and watch the world go by. Accompanied by the sounds of nature and the distant breezy notes of a shakuhachi flute, you sit at peace...




Listen to a 2 minute sample:

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Download Meditation Music: length 15:50 minutes | Price $3.50



Rest & Recharge - download meditation music soundscape


Standing on soft grass at the shore of a vast lake a tree invites you to sit a while.

And so you do, and leaning against it's time worn trunk, you at once feel safe and content to spend a few moments. Sitting calm and still, you listen to the wind chimes swaying above you and the gentle waves lapping at the lakeside shore by your feet, and you rest...



Listen to a 2 minute sample:

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Download Meditation Music: length 16:27 minutes | Price $3.50





This gentle piece features the shakuhachi meditation flute playing over ocean waves and an ambient background using subtle panning effects which will relax your mind into a restful, dreamy state.


"Absolutely awesome - the Shakuhachi flute sounds haunting and beautiful. I love it."

Music for Relaxation, meditation & rest
- MP3 Download - Duration 12 minutes  - Price: $3.95

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Tibetan-Bowls-web-ad.jpgEnter the deeply relaxing space created by the pure tones of Tibetan Singing Bowls. Relax your mind and settle naturally into a creative and contemplative state as the bowls sound together to produce natural soothing harmonies.

  Tibetan singing bowls music - click here to see all recordings





OM-Mantra-web-ad.jpgA meditative recording of the sacred mantra om, chanted by acclaimed Indian trained vocalist Pia.  Chant along, or simply listen for a deeply relaxing and contemplative experience.


"Haunting meditative music. I will use it in my yoga practice for relaxation..."

Music for Meditation & Contemplation

 - Duration 15 minutes  - File Size 17MB  - Price: $2.95


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