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Udana: flute music for relaxation mp3 album

Leave gravity behind with the soothing airy sound of the flute. Udana is for relaxation of the kind that's light and carefree, drifting above our earth bound worries, Ananga's flute carries you to a lighter state of being...

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Track List:

1. Autumn Forest [06:00 min]
2. Udana [07:15 min]
3. A Lighter State of Being [05:30 min]
4. Song of the Sky [04:00 min]
5. Visitors [04:30 min]
6. Shakuhachi Madake [06:40 min]
7. Above & Beyond [07.10 min]
8. Floating Bamboo [08:00 min]
9. Bakula [08:30 min]


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Product details:

Ananga's collection of world instruments featured on UdanaUdana is a collection of flute improvisations performed on a variety of flutes including the shakuhachi, dizi and Altus silver flute. Accompanied by udu clay pot drums, tablas, tibetan singing bowls and ethereal synthesised atmospheres, the flute soars high and free inviting you to leave gravity behind and indulge yourself in a lighter state of being...

Udana is an album of global richness that serves a broad variety of listening experiences, each one different to the next and yet harmoniously connected by the thread of Ananga's distinctive style.

Above and Beyond's deep silver flute flows over wind chimes, and shimmering synth textures, while A Lighter State of Being takes a turn towards the Buddha Bar with it's free flowing bamboo flute, ethnic strings and percussive underpinnings, and then there's the raga reminiscent Bakula with it's minor scale and gentle tabla accompaniment.

Shakuhachi Madake is a haunting improvisation that drifts through a stream of subtle synth textures and light percussive elements that sit together in a truly delightful and dreamy arrangement.

Autumn Forest features the bamboo shakuhachi, meditative and calming amid a background of tibetan singing bowls, mystical synth textures, and Japanese koto.

Udana's Chinese bamboo flute floats free and easy above shimmering synths and the plaintive tones of the erhu, while silver flute and guitar combine with a Celtic feel in Visitors to tell a delightful tale of discovery and exchange.

From the minimalist Song of the Sky with it's emotive silver flute and bird song, to the playful Floating Bamboo with it's down tempo synth beds and percussion, Udana is a journey of wind born levity that would make an ideal accompaniment for yoga, reiki, or simply closing your eyes and getting away from it all for a while.




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