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Our new collection of breathing exercises for relief from stress and anxiety is now available in the iTunes Music Store...




The Morning - FREE Music for Relaxation & Meditation Download

mp3-play-button.jpgThe Morning - FREE Relaxation Music MP3 download



If you enjoy this piece you will love the new Morning Meditation Music from the  Beautiful Calm Meditation & Relaxation collection



The Relaxing Music of Tibetan Singing Bowls


Enter the deeply relaxing space created by the pure tones of Tibetan Singing Bowls. Relax your mind and settle naturally into a creative and contemplative state as the bowls sound together to produce natural soothing harmonies.

5 Finger Qigong - a guided calming qigong meditation 


yin_yang_chi_balance.jpgThis simple sitting qigong meditation is a mindfulness exercise that focuses on the breath along with basic hand postures.

My acupuncturist friend John Gavin shared this technique with me and tells me that he often uses it in addiction workshops for inducing calm and giving relief from the anxiety related to addictive cravings.


Music notes: This meditation has been recorded with a selection of real Tibetan (or singing) Bowls which produce a very soothing sound which supports meditation and relaxation. Thes

e bowls have been recorded live in order to preserve the subtle sounds of the harmonic overtones they produce.

mp3-play-button.jpg5 Finger Qigong - FREE Meditation Music MP3


Note: A superior quality recording of 5 Finger Qigong is included in the Beautiful Calm Beginners Meditation Collection of guided meditations and music for reducing stress and anxiety.



Deep & Slow - Relaxation Hypnosis Download



Give yourself a break! Take a ten minute holiday with this deep relaxation MP3 designed to reduce stress, tension and anxiety and enjoy the relief that comes from inviting the relaxation response into your body and mind.

mp3-play-button.jpgFREE Relaxation Hypnosis Download 

Length: 11 minutes File Size: 13MB

Note: For best hypnosis and meditation results, please use quality stereo headphones.




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