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The Quick Anxiety Stopper 

Emotional rescue when you need it most

What is It?

A simple anxiety relief exercise you can use anywhere, anytime to quickly regain a sense of calm and control...

3 acupressure points + 5 minutes = calm

After years of playing with acupressure techniques for relieving anxiety I have seen this simple routine help too many people too many times for me to keep quiet about it.

This technique was taught to more than 150 people at the UK's biggest natural health show and every single one of them said the routine helped them feel calmer.

You can use the Quick Anxiety Stopper to:

- stop panic attacks

- calm general anxiety

- ease fear of public speaking

- soothe exam nerves and more...


Your Journey from Chaos to Calm

Anxiety messes with your head. It makes it hard to concentrate and tough to learn anything new. It's confusing and it's horrible. Even if you're open, looking for help and willing to try something new, anxiety can confuse your mind and make it all such bloody hard work. We understand, we've been there.

That's why we have made the Quick Anxiety Stopper package super easy to use. Our goal is for you to be able to download it instantly and start using it within the next 10 minutes. Just download and listen straight from your PC and you will be a master of this dandy little technique by teatime!



Here's what's included:


The Quick Anxiety Stopper eGuide a step-by-step guide to how and why this technique works. Discover the secrets of acupuncture for the emotions (don't worry - no needles, they get replaced by your own formidable fingertips).

Explore a variety of ways this technique can help you feel calm anywhere and anytime you need to.





The Pocket Guide: a little reminder sheet you can print out to carry in your pocket or purse. Print as many as you like and stick them on your fridge, in your car, on your desk etc.



PLUS Six Everything-You-Need-to-Know mp3s


  • Introduction - an overview of the Quick Anxiety Stopper


  • Getting to Know Your Healing Points - discover the ancient secrets of calming acupuncture points


  • Guided Walk Through - it's like painting by numbers, just listen and follow along and you'll be a work of calm


  • Tips & Tricks - tips to help you get the best from the Quick Anxiety Stopper with suggestions for use in different situations


  • Tap & Breathe - an audio aid you can add to your phone or iPod, or mp3 player for support on the go


  • Super Anxiety Stopper Relaxation Session - deeeep relaxation with Ananga's Drift and Dream Soundscape and guided hypnotic relaxation.


Recommended by The Guided Meditation Site

The Quick Anxiety Stopper is featured in the Meditation for Anxiety section of the Guided Meditation Site and is recommended by the site's founder Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke, B.Sc, D.Msc.



Once you know this technique you'll want to use it for the rest of your life anytime you feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed. And every time you use it you'll calm down quicker.

The complete instant download version of the Quick Anxiety Stopper package is $24

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