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Self-Hypnosis for Deep Relaxation & Sleep

We are delighted to announce that our popular self hypnosis relaxation download Relaxed & Resourceful has been released to the iTunes music store as part of our new collection: Sleep - Guided Relaxations for a Good Night's Sleep

This recording invites you on a journey to a safe haven where you can feel completely carefree and relaxed where, as you rest and dream, you become aware of your inner strengths and feel inspired to care for yourself in a new and deeply respectful way.


"This was incredibly powerful. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep for an extra hour after listening! Love it!"





Enter into a deeply relaxed dreamlike state and journey to a place of reflective safety where you can feel free from tension, stress and worry and tune in to your emotional intelligence and personal supportive resources.


- release tension and relax deeply

- escape from stress & anxiety

- improve your sleep



Sleep is available in iTunes Music store now.

Please use the button below to listen...


Note: Please do not use while driving, or at any time when you need to be fully alert. Recommended for use with good quality headphones.